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Politics and protest: The Top 1000 riot songs

This article on the guardian has a hand little app on it that lets you see which songs from the list you have listened to and also links you them on spotify.

How many have you heard?

1000 songs everyone must hear

Politics and protest: part five of 1000 songs everyone must hear

My selection of 24 from the list of 141


Dissertation Interestration (I know that is not a word but it rhymes)

So dissertation fever is gripping the course at the moment with some going into mental breakdown whilst others are lavishing in the information that all this research gives you. I for one have been a mixture of both, i have had my ups and downs but right now I am enjoying looking into how the internet is affecting people.

John Suler is a theorist whom at moment is filling my tiny brain with so much information that it is unbeliveable. I feel like a test subject of his.

Anyway here is a picture that defines one of his theories, for now:

I want this, o so bad. A bit of PS3 with a bit of Killzone

mmmm, how beautiful does this package look:

god i want this so bad. could this be the thing that makes that majority of everybody in the world want to buy a PS3 if they don’t have one.

Minor Presentation Feedback

Nerves have started to hit as i get my minor feedback next week. After what happenned during the presentation I am very nervous that this might mean i have to retake the year. This is not bothering me too much as i know i will be able to save up throughout the year with various jobs if i do have to defer.

However, i know i could not have done anything about it as i believe i presented reasonably and overall it was not my fault that the prototype was not visible due to a Flash Version Error.

AS3 is getting simpler.

On starting to learn AS3, i hit it head on with so much or lack of enthusiasm if i am going to be honest. But after taking lessons from a colleague at uni, my appetitie to learn it has got bigger and bigger.

It is a completely different language to AS2, but the fact that it seems more powerful makes it a worthwhile time sucker as for future work it will benefit my greatly.

Currently I am trying to create a drawing tool in AS3 that will save the doodles that is done on a procrastination pad.

Finally Settling on a Dissertation Title is hard!!

I have been pulling over many titles for a while now, getting laods of research about cybercultures and CMC or Computer Mediated Conversation. But the problem is trying to narrow the title down so it is not so broad and leaves me with such a broad topic that it doesn’t seem like an essay on a specific subject.

At the moment, i am hovering around the title:

How has CMC allowed the evolution of connecting between two peers.

However i am not sure.

this is tough, final year is hurting.

Researching Key Stage 2 Websites

My idea for my major relies heavily on information about the Key Stage 2 level of education. To those not in the know, aka me and everyone who is not a parent, KS2 is the 11+, an exam that can determine what school you go to for your senior years, aka in preparation for your GCSE’s. Fab.

So far, i have sent off emails to schools in the Bournemouth area, in hope that they will be up for collaborating in this Major idea. This is so that i can get the full syllabus and also have it taught to me by a teacher, so in reality i will be going back to school. If it occurs I will be fully looking forward to it.


BBC – Bitesize

So far the best website that i have found is the BBC bitesize website. This does not surprise me as Bitesize has been around for a while now and is the most comprehensive learning tool on the web for helping out teachers and students in preparation for exams. From KS1 to A-level, bitesize covers it all. What I am trying to do is find away to differentiate my project from Bitesize.

How i plan to do this is to incorporate tests that actually recortd and analyse the childs progress and can point out where they have certain weakpoints and allow the parents and teachers where work needs to be done.


What sounds like it should be the name of a flatulent superhero, is actually a good website and an indicator of what i am aiming for and hopefully going to surpass with my major. BOFA exports results of the tests but does not do what I aming to do which is to indicate the weaknesses and also be used by both teachers and students. This is aimed directly at home use, unlike my idea which can be fully integrated into the classroom

Other websites that are dotted around have the same idea but are not done with the same style and quality that i will be aiming for.