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Transporter 3 – why these films are great

What do some people have against the transporter films? They say that it does not make sense, they say one man could not take out all of those bad guys, they say how can he hit all those villains but his suit stay perfect. To you people I say leave your brain at the door and enjoy possibly the best high octane series that is around right now.

Jason statham has never been judged on his acting and why Should he be. It has not seen since jean claude van damme hit the screens that an all round fighter has appeared with such charisma to carry a film franchise on their superbly toned shoulders. What make it better is that it is carried out by a British actor with a british accent.

In a Hollywood world where visual effects are gradually taking over it is fantastic and refreshing to see a film where live action thrills come before a visually enchanced version of stathams muscles. It is with this that statham shines within his role. Someone who can hold their own whilst being tested physically and still give the fight scenes that trademark besson look.

And that is another thing. Luc besson was and still is am exciting film maker. The fifth element being a key example.

All combined these films are jet balls out fun


Is New Television not being given a chance???

Joss Whedon, a great man who has not been given the time of day since Buffy, has had his minion of fans come together already to support his new show ‘Dollhouse’. They have come together though to hopefully support the show and make sure that it does not get axed. The strange thing is, the show is not due to be released until 2009.

Look at that Hollywood Pose

Look at that Hollywood Pose

Reported on Wired, fans have come together on Facebook to create a petition to try and make sure that the show is not cancelled.

However it is not just Whedon who is suffering from this lack of drive from studios to have faith, as George Micheal so wisely put it. On topic of George Micheal, new lawyer show Eli Stone was subject to being cancelled with fans posting all over the internet asking each other if the apocalypse had arrived. However, the first series went without a studio hitch and is returning in the fall.

Lost is still being put on by studios as the first series pulled in such a fanbase, however, numbers of viwers have started to dwindle over the past series, so is it possible that Lost could get cancelled. In my mind the answer to this is no, why lose one of the best producers of the time J.J. Abrams in some sort of argument about ratings.

Lots of Nuts

Lots of Nuts

Jericho on the other hand got cancelled, even though it delivered the same or even better drama than lost did. Set in a post apocalyptic present day America (long sentence), Jericho followed the lives of characters trying to cope with the idea that the central cities had just been destroyed by a nuclear bomb. The storyline was gripping, the characters interaction was gripping, the cliffhanger was incredible, so the studio binned it, leading to a massive fan uprising. This led to the show being brought back but sadly only for a small series as it was cancelled again due to ratings. It is sad that the world of television is being run by ratings, but that is how business goes. So as long as Big Brother keeps on pulling in the punters, it is highly unlikely that promising new series’ will ever get past the first series.