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Mediated Communication Democratize the Workplace? – Special Libraries Association

Mediated Communication Democratize the Workplace? – Special Libraries Association.


Wanting to use

damn i have a mac. at the moment i am trying to learn it, but at the moment, the fact that i have a mac is holding me back. Hopefully i will be able to use itools supposedly to start it off.

However, i fi cant find a way to work it on the mac, i will have to set up a pc as is key to how i want my site to run.

Major research. So it has begun

So finally after 2 years of university the whole course is going to reachita conclusion. It has began with emails being sent out to various institutions regarding help.

It is going to take some time but this is going to be a good but ambitious project .

Media and Participation – Quality

Due to not being able to get on the CEMP forum as an admin has to say ‘oooo that’s fine’, my little piece on something un mainstream is going to be posted hither.

I have picked an album that i think is as far away from mainstream as possible. GirlTalk is an american DJ who believes that a mashup should be something that reflects the authors mindset and can be deciphered in many different ways by the listeners.

Gregg Gillis, aka Girl talk, is not just your regular DJ as well. Dancing around stage in his underwear whilst his mix of genre busting songs are played out would be something you would not expect to see at a spice girls concert. The only quality that his songs do have to make it mainstream is that it includes songs that are globally recognised. However, after throwing in severe distortion and white noise into this blender, the songs sometimes become unrecognizable.


New Project – Open Concept

The words that every media student can take one of two ways. For one they can panic and be like ‘o my goddddd, open concept what to do what to do what to do’ ahhh shit.

Then there is the other spectrum who relish in this opportunity to show what they really can do. A blank canvas, a chance to actually go through with a project that you have been hoping to do for a while.

The idea of an open concept did shock us all in general but it will be a challenge that will test us in our creativity. However it will not all be chips and gravy for some groups. Some groups ahve found themselves with reduced numbers. For a project where we have to learn to use cinema 4d and unity withing a short period of time, having a reduced number of users in the group will be a significant disadvantage.

However roll on the project and lets see how it goes.