Transporter 3 – why these films are great

What do some people have against the transporter films? They say that it does not make sense, they say one man could not take out all of those bad guys, they say how can he hit all those villains but his suit stay perfect. To you people I say leave your brain at the door and enjoy possibly the best high octane series that is around right now.

Jason statham has never been judged on his acting and why Should he be. It has not seen since jean claude van damme hit the screens that an all round fighter has appeared with such charisma to carry a film franchise on their superbly toned shoulders. What make it better is that it is carried out by a British actor with a british accent.

In a Hollywood world where visual effects are gradually taking over it is fantastic and refreshing to see a film where live action thrills come before a visually enchanced version of stathams muscles. It is with this that statham shines within his role. Someone who can hold their own whilst being tested physically and still give the fight scenes that trademark besson look.

And that is another thing. Luc besson was and still is am exciting film maker. The fifth element being a key example.

All combined these films are jet balls out fun


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