Username…is that it?

Today, Aujourd’hui, i got my login details for the moo. First of all I am not very technically inclined so when it comes to using the cmd window (or terminal on a mac) i don’t actually know my arse from my elbow.

The login details came in a fully formatted email, which is not a surprise but there were elements of it that have shown what I am letting myself in for.

This pseudo community has pseudo rules and they are applied to general internet terms such as LAG and FAQ’s. What it is reminding me of before I even start into it, is the recent film Role Models, which included a real life version of this MMO world that i seem to be getting into. These are called LARPS and are usually fought on a huge scale. They have similarities to ARG’s as fiction is mixed with real world scenarios and places. These inhabitants seem to feel that what they are acting in is real and that what occurs actually matters. This was about to be confirmed.

On signing in to the MOO, i found a news bulletin, enlightenment you could say. There are ballots in the MOO, where a kind of democracy is kept, with electees being voted on by other participants of the MOO. Not to sound simple, but I now realise how big a community this is.

With all this caution, i am really looking forward to getting into this MOO, so if you don’t hear from me today then I have gone in too far.


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