My First impressions

All i have done so far on the MOO is go through the tutorial but that is enough for me to have my own feelings about how this experience could pan out. I have always been nervous about internet based communities but these nerves disappear when one can see what the user looks like, or supposedly looks like. Back in the days when chat rooms were huge, i was not allowed on them due to the fact that it could be anybody behind that username.

Using the MOO for the first time has given me the same sense of dread in my stomach. The anonymity factor that Suler points out in so many of his psychology on the internet article is obvious and spreads its wings over the whole moo. I even had the chance to have a completely random gender, something that un-nerved me ever so slightly.

This has been a small taster but it has intrigued me into finding out what makes the people who use these applications tick. For now, i leave you.



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