Dissertation – Lets get involved in a MOO

After weeks of researching into MOO’s and MUD’s i thought the day had finally come where i should dive headfirst into this world and see what it throws at me.

To my great unsurprise, I was reading a lot. I dont usually read a lot when on the web, i prefer to skim read as the majority of web users do, so to read all the instruction before getting to anything was a bit of a shock

On starting the terminal, mac based baby, i had to connect as guest as supposedly, later on i could make my character, which is the key point in theis pseudo community. Before that though, i had to agree with these following terms:

Guests at LambdaMOO are warned that they are accountable for
their actions here. In particular, Guests are warned that any
mail or other form of communication sent to individual characters
here, may be traced back to the site from which you are logged
in; this information may be used in the event of a complaint
against you and may be made available to someone acting in an
official capacity.  Logging into LambdaMOO as a Guest implies
that you have read and understood this warning and that you
accept these facts – and that in the event of any need to use
your site information in the aforementioned manner, you agree to
its use.

A warning, the first thing that this made me think about is the hierarchy system that Cherny picks up on. “Social structures have some impact on behaviour quite apart from the technical infrastructure available to the communities of users”

This is what i saw for the first time

This is what i saw for the first time


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