Politics and protest: The Top 1000 riot songs

This article on the guardian has a hand little app on it that lets you see which songs from the list you have listened to and also links you them on spotify.

How many have you heard?

1000 songs everyone must hear

Politics and protest: part five of 1000 songs everyone must hear

My selection of 24 from the Guardian.co.uk list of 141

Transporter 3 – why these films are great

What do some people have against the transporter films? They say that it does not make sense, they say one man could not take out all of those bad guys, they say how can he hit all those villains but his suit stay perfect. To you people I say leave your brain at the door and enjoy possibly the best high octane series that is around right now.

Jason statham has never been judged on his acting and why Should he be. It has not seen since jean claude van damme hit the screens that an all round fighter has appeared with such charisma to carry a film franchise on their superbly toned shoulders. What make it better is that it is carried out by a British actor with a british accent.

In a Hollywood world where visual effects are gradually taking over it is fantastic and refreshing to see a film where live action thrills come before a visually enchanced version of stathams muscles. It is with this that statham shines within his role. Someone who can hold their own whilst being tested physically and still give the fight scenes that trademark besson look.

And that is another thing. Luc besson was and still is am exciting film maker. The fifth element being a key example.

All combined these films are jet balls out fun

Username…is that it?

Today, Aujourd’hui, i got my login details for the moo. First of all I am not very technically inclined so when it comes to using the cmd window (or terminal on a mac) i don’t actually know my arse from my elbow.

The login details came in a fully formatted email, which is not a surprise but there were elements of it that have shown what I am letting myself in for.

This pseudo community has pseudo rules and they are applied to general internet terms such as LAG and FAQ’s. What it is reminding me of before I even start into it, is the recent film Role Models, which included a real life version of this MMO world that i seem to be getting into. These are called LARPS and are usually fought on a huge scale. They have similarities to ARG’s as fiction is mixed with real world scenarios and places. These inhabitants seem to feel that what they are acting in is real and that what occurs actually matters. This was about to be confirmed.

On signing in to the MOO, i found a news bulletin, enlightenment you could say. There are ballots in the MOO, where a kind of democracy is kept, with electees being voted on by other participants of the MOO. Not to sound simple, but I now realise how big a community this is.

With all this caution, i am really looking forward to getting into this MOO, so if you don’t hear from me today then I have gone in too far.

My First impressions

All i have done so far on the MOO is go through the tutorial but that is enough for me to have my own feelings about how this experience could pan out. I have always been nervous about internet based communities but these nerves disappear when one can see what the user looks like, or supposedly looks like. Back in the days when chat rooms were huge, i was not allowed on them due to the fact that it could be anybody behind that username.

Using the MOO for the first time has given me the same sense of dread in my stomach. The anonymity factor that Suler points out in so many of his psychology on the internet article is obvious and spreads its wings over the whole moo. I even had the chance to have a completely random gender, something that un-nerved me ever so slightly.

This has been a small taster but it has intrigued me into finding out what makes the people who use these applications tick. For now, i leave you.


Dissertation – Lets get involved in a MOO

After weeks of researching into MOO’s and MUD’s i thought the day had finally come where i should dive headfirst into this world and see what it throws at me.

To my great unsurprise, I was reading a lot. I dont usually read a lot when on the web, i prefer to skim read as the majority of web users do, so to read all the instruction before getting to anything was a bit of a shock

On starting the terminal, mac based baby, i had to connect as guest as supposedly, later on i could make my character, which is the key point in theis pseudo community. Before that though, i had to agree with these following terms:

Guests at LambdaMOO are warned that they are accountable for
their actions here. In particular, Guests are warned that any
mail or other form of communication sent to individual characters
here, may be traced back to the site from which you are logged
in; this information may be used in the event of a complaint
against you and may be made available to someone acting in an
official capacity.  Logging into LambdaMOO as a Guest implies
that you have read and understood this warning and that you
accept these facts – and that in the event of any need to use
your site information in the aforementioned manner, you agree to
its use.

A warning, the first thing that this made me think about is the hierarchy system that Cherny picks up on. “Social structures have some impact on behaviour quite apart from the technical infrastructure available to the communities of users”

This is what i saw for the first time

This is what i saw for the first time

Dissertation Interestration (I know that is not a word but it rhymes)

So dissertation fever is gripping the course at the moment with some going into mental breakdown whilst others are lavishing in the information that all this research gives you. I for one have been a mixture of both, i have had my ups and downs but right now I am enjoying looking into how the internet is affecting people.

John Suler is a theorist whom at moment is filling my tiny brain with so much information that it is unbeliveable. I feel like a test subject of his.

Anyway here is a picture that defines one of his theories, for now:

Mediated Communication Democratize the Workplace? – Special Libraries Association

Mediated Communication Democratize the Workplace? – Special Libraries Association.

I want this, o so bad. A bit of PS3 with a bit of Killzone

mmmm, how beautiful does this package look:

god i want this so bad. could this be the thing that makes that majority of everybody in the world want to buy a PS3 if they don’t have one.

Minor Presentation Feedback

Nerves have started to hit as i get my minor feedback next week. After what happenned during the presentation I am very nervous that this might mean i have to retake the year. This is not bothering me too much as i know i will be able to save up throughout the year with various jobs if i do have to defer.

However, i know i could not have done anything about it as i believe i presented reasonably and overall it was not my fault that the prototype was not visible due to a Flash Version Error.

AS3 is getting simpler.

On starting to learn AS3, i hit it head on with so much or lack of enthusiasm if i am going to be honest. But after taking lessons from a colleague at uni, my appetitie to learn it has got bigger and bigger.

It is a completely different language to AS2, but the fact that it seems more powerful makes it a worthwhile time sucker as for future work it will benefit my greatly.

Currently I am trying to create a drawing tool in AS3 that will save the doodles that is done on a procrastination pad.